The Shooting Stars Galaxy is a virtual realm where writers, artists, musicians, singers, performers, storytellers, designers, craftspeople, inventors and creatives of all kinds, from around the world can display their creative endeavours within their own individual gallery.

Blending accomplished professionals, emerging artists, hobbyist, to cottage industry entrepreneurs; including first, second and third world artisans are welcome to display their talents, services and wares, promote themselves and sell their products.

All participants must be approved by GlobalCitizen.Earth and their items must meet the standards appropriate to our moral code of ethics.  All galleries will be posted by our webmaster, and no changes can be made without consent.

 Globle Citizen Earth

Join Us! Enjoy the Journey

With the advancements in transportation, technology and social media our world is getting smaller and smaller. The challenges we are facing politically, economically and ideologically are concurrently intensifying. This massive paradigm shift is part of the social evolutionary process. Divergent ideologies are causing havoc and are tearing us apart by pitting us against each other. With the stakes as high as they are, it is now more important than ever that we create an expansive global community of dedicated, humanitarian minded citizens who are willing to join together to share their collective vision of a sustainable,
co-supportive new world order.

Just stop and think… at this moment in time exists enough of almost everything that we need to sustain a healthy and joyful life. The biggest problems we face are distribution, greed and bigoted ideologies. It is fear for our personal survival and negative belief systems that are the major antagonists in perpetuating our destructive impact on society.