Life is an evolutionary process. Our individual lives are our own personal evolutions. Our souls incarnate into lifetimes to grow and evolve. We chose our talents and our challenges to support that growth.

Our race and society has evolved over millions of years. We’ve gone from amoeba to conscious man, from the wheel to the Internet. Each lifetime is in itself a personal evolution and each generation enables our race and society to grow forward.

Each one of us will bring humanity forward in this generation. Our personal and interpersonal challenges will all support this to happen. It is our individual opportunity and responsibility to move ahead as far as we are capable. But we are not alone in this movement; we are all part of a common consciousness with many of the challenges shared by all. Some of these challenges we will find easier than others and some will be very difficult. It is these challenges that we need to conquer that will help our individual souls and society to grow.

Through compassion we can grow. Through authenticity we can grow. First we must recognize the uniqueness in ourselves, and then love and support it. We must then recognize the uniqueness in each other and then honor and respect them.

The common consciousness is awakening and we are beginning to recognize each other. We are beginning to band together to work on these challenges, to heal the parts of society that are hurting us all. The challenges will continue to occur in this process. They will amplify to get our attention until we commit to do something about them. The greater the challenge the greater the opportunity for growth, healing and transformation.

The best place for us to start the healing process is where it shows up in our individual lives. Then from strength and understanding we can expand into the larger consciousness. Recognizing this and acknowledging it to each other will allows us to create a matrix that will pull us all forward for massive and unprecedented change.

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