We will start this process by creating what may seem as an impossible goal to achieve. Then we will develop a clear and decisive strategy to accomplish those goals. The goal must be specific so the completion is recognizable. Through the process of implementing our plan we will learn what further steps we need to take and what tools we need to invent in order for us to accomplish our desired outcome.

These are the essential underpinnings of how we can take on the enormous challenges we are facing in our personal lives and as a society struggling for survival. Keep in mind that we are not given challenges that we ultimately cannot handle. So don’t lose heart. We were born at this specific time and place in our evolutionary process to master and conquer these challenges. We can do this by each of us joining together and sharing concerns, ideas and our unique gifts and talents to bring about profound and massive change.

Please send in your thoughts and goals that you would like consider implementing on our next blog.

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