Kids who are inspired by their vision,
and empowered by their passion possess the grit
to accomplish extraordinary deeds.

Imagine the world with a generation
of dedicated young people who are committed,
trained and willing to be partners
for the good of all humankind.

—Susan Fabrizio

The Kid To Kid Global Exchange

A Grassroots Program  

The Kid Global Exchange is
dedicated to creating a humanitarian movement, where kids from around the world join together as citizens of the planet to share their dreams, aspirations and initiatives in making the world a better place.
The platform for this program is an international collaboration consisting
of a giving team and a receiving team. Mentors are assigned to each group to provide support, resilience skill training and guidance, thus enabling the kids to have a positive experience in successfully bringing their initiatives to fruition.
The skills they learn while successfully applying them in real life situations and
the network of people they partner with will have a major impact on their future and their future global relationships.


Empower kids by them knowing
that they can make a positive difference to society.


  • Encourage kids to stretch their imaginations and to think locally and globally.


  • Teach kids resilience skills such as: communication, leadership, team building, networking,problem solving and goal implementation in preparation to become successful adults.


  • Provide a vehicle for youth advocates to develop an idea, create a plan and turn it into a successful enterprise.


  • Provide an alternative to the aggressive behaviors that are part of the current game and media culture.


  • Building kids’ self-esteem, by guiding and supporting them to make a positive impact in the world.


  • Offer the kids an opportunity through their own accomplishments, that idealism does work.


  • Expand the network allowing this generation of youths to band together to create the future “Worldwide Human Web”, by advocating their initiatives that will help bring our society forward.



Lesson Plan

This program is open to all Kids that dream

of making the world a better place.

1.  The mentor will lead a discussion to the kids of what it means to be an advocate, what is possible, the skills they will learn and support they will receive.
2.  The kids will share their aspirations of what their visions are and what they would like to accomplish.
3.  The kids will brainstorm what initiatives to consider and what it will take for them to accomplish their goals.
4.  The kids will choose a single initiative to which they want to commit.
5.  The kids will appoint a captain who will oversee the project. The captain will learn how be an effective and an inspirational leader. The captain will guide the team to create a clear, tangible goal.
6. The captain will then work with the team to organize and prioritize the secondary goals. They will then breakdown those goals into tasks, delegate amount themselves.
7.  They will break down the tasks needed to accomplish their goal, delegate those tasks, assign them to  members of the team and set deadlines for completition.
8.  The Mentor will review the plan to see what support and tools will be needed, as well as help arrange for them to be available to the students.
9.  At the start of the week they will establish the weekly objectives and tasks
10. At the end of each week the kids will review their progress of the week.
11. Each student will be held accountable for completing their designated assignment.
Additional mentors will be made available on an as need basis for support and to insure the skills needed are developed.