Let me introduce myself, I’m Susan Fabrizio the founder of the Worldwide Kids Web.
I would like to personally welcome all of you to the launching of my new Blog.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I’ve been a student and teacher of human potential for close to 40 years. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that the bigger challenge we need to conquer provides the greatest opportunity for our personal growth and transformation. The evolution of society evolves in the same way.

Currently, we’re all finding ourselves caught in the turbulence of a massive paradigm shift that humankind has ever known. Our values and the way we live in the world are being threatened. It’s no longer a local issue, it’s a global one. The forceful power we’re facing is fueled by greed and hate. So many of us feel that we have no control over our destiny and that of our children’s as well.

It’s by taking purposeful positive action that we regain our personal power enabling us be an active participant in the solution. I know this sounds like a daunting task, especially when we feel we are alone in this struggle.

We are at the precipice where the real work of humanity begins. What I’m offering to you in this blog is an interactive platform, where as a group of committed citizens of the plane, we can join together to discuss the pressing issues, develop strategic solutions and take positive action.
I will offer you methods and training that expands our ability in fundamental ways that enhances our mind, body and soul; so that together as a committed group we can creatively evoke our inner strength which is needed to produce profound changes in ourselves, society and the world.
Do send me your thoughts on what you would like to explore, discuss, and issues you’d like to take creative positive action.
By the sheer power of our creative loving nature together we can begin the journey to heal the parts of society that are struggling. Remember, we were made for these times.

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